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GalNet Weekly Conflict Report

04 SEP 3301

GalNet Weekly Conflict Report

This weekly transmission lists some of the systems currently in conflict around the galaxy, based on the latest data (*).

Here are 10 of the 13,268 minor factions involved in a civil war:

Ongkara Solutions

CD-63 201 Empire Pact

Bunuson Crimson Natural Inc

LP 547-159 Blue Federal Inc

Nationals of 39 Tauri

Bunuson Empire League

HIP 19767 Organisation

Liberals of HIP 19767

Independents of LHS 223

Party of LHS 223

Civil wars involve conflict between minor factions in the same system over ownership of major assets such as starports. During civil wars, only combat missions and activities help bring the conflict to a resolution. Security, development level and standard of living indicators all drop for the duration of the civil war.

Here are 10 of the 2,578 minor factions at war:

Neganhot Ltd

Teorge Co-operative

HIP 28525 Central Systems

Conian Noblement

HIP 96072 Gold Creative PLC

Omana Jet Partnership

LFT 563 Syndicate

Feng Du Holdings

HIP 112643 Emperor's Grace

HIP 64208 Noblement

Wars occur when a minor faction invades another star system. For the duration of the conflict, wealth, security and standard of living are all severely impacted. Combat missions and activities determine who wins the war. If no winner emerges, the war ends in a ceasefire.

* Data is correct at time of publishing.