COMMS CHATTER (30/09/2016)

Greetings Commanders. Here’s this week’s Comms Chatter! CMDR Olivka made this video about the Beluga and its maneuverability.


CMDR VinnyTheKnight made a keychain anaconda the other day. Impressive for its size!

Recently, our commanders who love to explore were looking for a discussion thread to share their awesome findings. Look no further, we’ve got you covered on our boards!

CMDR Muricaball recently found out like many other Commanders that the advertisement holograms near and on stations are quite detailed. (Dotmatrix is quite popular, even in the 3300s!)

Greetings Commander, said by the nearby star. Picture from CMDR Hepburn3d

From CMDR X-77B, CMDR Doggo is in the house, ready for action!

CMDSR Joan Shepard had quite the… mission in the name of democracy to perform! He wrote “Every single time” as the heading to this mission he created on Photoshop...