COMMS CHATTER (28/06/2016)

Greetings Commanders, here’s this week’s Comms Chatter!

The mystery behind the unknown artefacts continues to unfold. CMDR Zindae posted this recent up close and personal shot of a UA!


Dare to compare. /u/PutThatCatDown on the Elite Dangerous subreddit posted this picture with the following tidbit of information: “This is what it looks like 15k light seconds away from the surface of VY Canis Majors, the largest known star in the galaxy, that is also the distance from the Sun to Pluto.”

Later, he posted this image of the same distance between Pluto and Sol... just to give you an idea of how small we all are.

CMDR RealDB from the AEDC posted their latest piece of propaganda: “Aim to Ascend with Victoria”.
Being in space with fifty of your comrades all jumping into super cruise at once is a sight to behold. CMDR Lyxavier gave us a short glimpse of it the other day.
You thought unknown artefacts were the only mysterious object in Comms Chatter this week? Commanders on the forums have discovered something else! Rizal72 on the forums discovered this Unknown Probe...
Get in the know with the current generation of the Unknown Artefacts and other mysteries, in the thread here!
Last but not least, we think there might be a slight possibility of a medical emergency at Terentum Mine.