COMMS CHATTER (26/07/2016)

Greetings commanders, a new week, a new edition of Comms Chatter.
Alukarl on the Elite Dangerous subreddit created this satirical image due to all of the uncertainty revolving around the unknown signal and artefacts!
Genar-Hofoen wrote to us about his recent recording, gliding over a planet. He states: “Exiting the Glide phase... Dat Exhaust Trail!”
On, SocialNetwooky shows off his “Poor Man’s” Elite Dangerous playseat... it’s uh… creative!
Elite:Dangerous Playseat (WIP)
But not to be outdone, Wulfaugen on reddit posted his way of exploring in space!
A T-star with rings... CMDR apocalypce was curious to know if anyone else had ever seen such a thing?
T star with rings
SaltyAirMan found this interesting planet in the BLUA HYPA HT-F D12 1226 system.
And finally, Teekeks has joined the ranks of travelling to Sagittarius A*. Can he make it back home now?