COMMS CHATTER (19/07/2016)

Hello commanders, here’s another installment of comms chatter!


Can fellow commanders unravel the secrets of the Unknown Probe?


CMDR Marcus Sirrah of Hyperion Star Alliance writes to us this week about a fellow Commander’s passing. This week was the Commanders’ birthday. They travelled 90 light years from their home system of Hyperion, to a planet named in commemoration of him, Dawling Rest. This is a tribute video to the now silent Commander.


/u/Sphinx2K on the Elite Dangerous subreddit was wondering this damage will buff out. We think that it wi... oh... maybe....not.


CMDR Zindae just about had quite the catastrophic turn of events. Luckily, his frameshift drive was ready to go. posted on our forums this week that the next exodus will begin soon. Check out their event page by clicking the logo to the left. It’s been aptly named “A Jaunt to Jaques”.


CMDR Origano whipped up this really awesome background image, to what we think would work out well on your smartphone’s background!


Ice Mining. CMDR S!LK posted this short recording to /r/EliteDangerous this morning. Look at all of that raw power!


And finally, a glamour shot! /u/solidcopy from reddit posted this stunning capture. He writes: Scenes like this make the hazards of deep space exploration worth it!