COMMS CHATTER (16/06/2016)

Hello commanders, here’s your weekly episode of comms chatter! 

TMDid you hear the news? We’ve recently announced our partnership with Thrustmaster! Check out the news at the website.

Commander FatHaggard on /r/EliteDangerous attempted the subreddit challenge... round n’ round the ship goes... where it lands, nobody knows!
Commander Guerreiro Anfíbio  from the Gangue do Adrena group shows off some prize medals for their PVP tournaments. member, xXISCOPEIXx came across a rather unique find in his journey throughout deep space.
Commander Lyxavier decided it was time to leave…

Basking intensifies to critical levels! Check out the station that CMDR TheRealPhyzz shared on /r/EliteDangerous.


View post on Ishmair from reddit shared this image... space madness anyone?