COMMS CHATTER (14/04/2016)

Greetings Commanders,
In this week’s Comms Chatter we give a little bit of love to the Xbox One players.
CMDR Kyp Shard from Canonn sent us this rather interesting and unknown audio track! Check out the discussion here and listen to the audio below!
CMDR Josh Hawkins continues his exploration series on YouTube, this time with part nine!
O.o indeed. CMDR Chooly Buzzkill found an interesting starformation... it looks a little confused to us!
Oddball1975 from /r/EliteOne went around the galaxy asking ‘Tea and cake... OR DEATH!?’
What’s comms chatter without explosions!? Unfortunately, ElectricOrangeJuice on /r/EliteOne this past week got stuck between space.... and a rock. The rock won. In worse news, he lost 16 days’ worth of exploration data.