COMMS CHATTER (10/08/2016)

Hello again commanders, here’s another action packed episode of comms chatter!

Recently updated their site with new media. Icons, art, animations, and other associated media can be found on their site.


MaxUrsa made a new post on his blog about Jacques Station and Jacques! Check out his full write up here.

The Small Worlds Expedition registration opens this week. Click the image to join their Discord server to enquire. “We will be visiting planetary nebulae (unique models), and will be taking only small size ships, so if you're new to the game, and want to get into exploration, now is a great time to check it out!”

CMDR Olivka wasn’t expecting _that_ to happen.

CMDR Turjan posted to /r/EliteDangerous this past week: “The Unknown Probe message is really a 'blueprint' for disaster... ;)”


“Uum... Mister Anaconda... Are you alright?” asked Commander CoolTimmetje.


Uum... Mister Anaconda... Are you allright?

CMDR VirtualAnomaly posted this rather fancy colored planet and nebula.

CMDR Zindae knows no bounds, he wrote “So.. shiny.. Imperial Slaves outdid themselves on this one.”

Congrats CMDR Xed... You’ve made it to Jacques Station! Unfortunately, your sanity seems to have parted ways mid trip?

derage88 ups the ante this week in the glamor department. “Can't wait till I can put these bad boys on my Asp #ExplorerPorn”

(We’re more afraid of your commander’s wellbeing at this point after being so close to those engines!)