COMMS CHATTER (10/05/2016)

Hello Commanders, 2.1 beta is in full swing... here’s an Engineers update-inspired Comms Chatter!



This past week, YouTube Elite Dangerous personality, ObsidianAnt ran into quite the conundrum. His graphics card managed to burn up! He posted a short video on his YouTube account asking for donations for a new graphics card. The community took the term ‘community goal’ a little bit too serious... ObsidianAnt ended up with enough donations for not only a new graphics card, but a new computer! Right on, commanders!


CMDR LiGhtWay emailed us some screenshots of his ship in Horizons, have to admit – it does look awesome!

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Commander Bogdanov was wondering what that loud noise outside was!


Commander Tannik Seldon needs to remember to install brakes next time...