COMMS CHATTER (06/07/2016)

Hello Commanders, it’s another week, and another bomber edition of comms chatter!

Bachklamk on /r/EliteDangerous this week had a go at drawing a couple ships from Elite Dangerous. Check them out below.

WaltKerman posted these two videos to YouTube recently. A little Rise to Power propaganda to get your day started.

Creb on Youtube is curious to know if you would be interested in an Elite Dangerous Miniseries! Give his video a watch, let him know in the comment section on YouTube.
CMDR Earth Ultimatum IV. on Reddit hopes that Aisling will join the Kumo Crew with his quick photo shop work.
CMDR FruityMilk was quite proud of this recent screenshot he took in Elite Dangerous.
CMDR Kaptain Kubrick stumbled across this rare find while exploring the galaxy the other day.
What’s nearly as good as Elite Dangerous?! Frontier: Elite II! Huntsman-Blaze on the Elite Dangerous subreddit posted this album. He writes “Whilst clearing the loft, I stumbled upon this hidden gem.”.

Frontier - Elite II

CMDR Zindae nearly had an accident while dropping out of supercruise. Fellow commanders were quick to state that CMDR Zindae should always aim for inside the orbit of the station rather spot-on to the station.
Olivka, who is one of our community moderators, had a run in with another ship... near a star. He titled the video: “Warning, taking heat damage”.
'One of the Hutton Truckers changed up their license plate to show their commitment to the player-driven group. For the Mug!'