COMMS CHATTER (05/04/2016)

Hi Commanders, we have a nice selection of events for you this week from Elite Dangerous. Enjoy!


Commander Oogie Boogie wrote to us the other day, wanting to announce the second season of the Community Ran Elite Dangerous PVP League! For more information, click here.




A few days ago, the Fuel Rats completed 10,000 successful rescues! Congratulations! You can view their news posting over on reddit by clicking here.



Commander Sparneejuah decided to spend quite some time writing his Commander name into space. has captured it all! 




DadsGaming on YouTube created a really awesome hotas setup! Check out the video below!


Pixel Therapy on YouTube decided to play Elite Dangerous his way... with a mixer, and two controllers to his DJ system via a MIDI to Joystick setup.


And finally, CMDR Ha5h learned the hard way that you don’t fly into a star... needless to say, 1,635% overheat. Toasy!