COMMS CHATTER (02/08/2016)

Good day commander, it’s just your weekly fun-filled Comms Chatter!
PanicButton on the Elite Dangerous steam community posted this cool gif of many commanders kicking on their engines for a FSD jump.

Jacques Station... it’s a bustling station lately! Skaleo posted this impressive screenshot to his artwork collection on Steam.
CMDR Agony Aunt on reddit posted this image of who is who and who does what from the Engineers update.
Did you know...!? TechRadar ranked Elite Dangerous at the number one spot of the 20 best virtual reality games! Check out their article here.
CMDR Vindicore on posted his complete remake of a hotas for Elite Dangerous... while it may still be an ever-evolving work in progress, we’re simply impressed with the creation!

HOTAS X Bastard Mod Complete - with work in progress pictures

“This is fine...” is what CMDR EchoLayer7 said this past week as he dropped out of supercruise.

This is fine

Derage88 on reddit posted this aptly named image “Elite Dangerous GO”*.

* Space travel safety not guaranteed while distracted from navigating your ship.
“Science... has opened our eyes to the vastness of the universe and given us light, truth and freedom from fear where once was darkness, ignorance and superstition. There is no personal salvation, except through science.” ― Luther Burbank, The Harvest Of The Years
As posted by CMDR Gulruthina on /r/EliteDangerous.