Xbox One Arena Launch Paint Job Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of Arena and paint jobs on Xbox One, we’re giving away two paint jobs every day for the next week to our Xbox One Commanders.

To enter the daily prize draw, all you have to do is take a screenshot of yourself in action during a game of CQC and share it on your Xbox One. You do not need to purchase Arena to play, as it is already part of the game you own (previously known as CQC). All you need to do is select ‘Start’ from the main menu, and then ‘Arena’. 

Head over to if you need details on how to post screenshots from your Xbox One accounts. 

We’ll be reaching out via email to your Frontier account to let you know when you’ve won.

The last two screenshot winners will be drawn on Tuesday 3rd May.

Prestige and exclusive CQC rewards

As well as being fun, fast-paced PVP action, playing Arena on Xbox One can get you some exclusive in-game rewards to take over to the main game experience, too. When you reach CQC Rank 50 you’ll be given the option to 'Prestige'. You will set your rank back to one and lose all your unlocks, but in return you’ll be able to earn more credits for use in the main game, and get a permit to the Attilius Orbital starport in CD-4311917 where you’ll get exclusive discounts on many modules and ships. You can prestige up to level 9 and at that point you’ll be receiving the maximum amount of credits you can take in to the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

For more information on today’s updates, visit the original forum post here.