Community Spotlight: Adle's Armada

The Wildcard phase of the Dangerous Games is now underway... to help you decide who to help get in to the Dangerous Games finals, and be in for the chance to become a power in Elite Dangerous, we're running a series of community spotlights all about the Wildcard groups. 

Note - the winner of the Dangerous Games would work with our developers to encorporate their Power into the game... the lists supplied below in this interview are just the wishes of the group, and not what the final benefits they would have if they were to make it through the Dangerous Games.


Community Spotlight: Adle's Armada


Where does your group come from originally? What is the genesis of your group? 

Adle's Armada was originally founded in the first month of Elite:Dangerous' release in 3300 after the need for ingame crime stoppers became apparent due to all of the mayhem in the area where all new Pilot's Federation members start their journey. The Armada started in the Navigation Beacon of Ngaliba.. At the time one of the most dangerous areas in Elite where many new pilots were attacked by commanders in large combat vessels for no apparent reason. Soon players that were native to these systems formed up a force of defenders, got trained and got to work slowly reclaiming the cluster of space that they called home thus forming Adle's Armada in the process. Throughout 3301 the Armada grew and decided to aid commanders outside of their comfort zone by lending their support to community goals, groups in need of anti-piracy support and just an overall security detail.. All services were on a pro bono basis provided the need was there. We were eventually given our very own spot in the Galaxy in our HQ system of Eravate, the busiest commander hub in the game and the most attacked and most well defended commander group system and from there we look to spread out ideals of safety through superior firepower. In 3302 Adle's Armada still holds true to their ideals and protects those that need it.


What is your group all about? What are your fundamental goals?

Our fundamental goals would be securing the starter cluster for new players and ensuring there is a balance of enforcers to the massive amounts of criminals in this galaxy. 


Do you have a narrative around your group? 

Our lore has been community built over the course of our history.

The Federal dynasty known as Adle's Armada was originally founded in 2900 with the name "41st Securities Squadron" under Post Commander Tyllerius Adle by the Federal Navy in order to keep law and order in the backwater system of Ngaliba and surrounding stars, an area of space once a haven for pirates and criminals. In 3200, due to the 41st Securities Squadron's proximity to the Liaedin system they were specifically chosen to take part in a top secret operation with Imperial security forces to face a yet to be unclassified threat to humanity. In 3256 Tyllerius Adle II broke his combat force off of this top secret inter-factional alliance for an unknown reason, a clash of morality between Adle and his Imperial counterparts was heavily speculated, but never confirmed. Due to this split and the Federal Navy's backlash, the 41st SS was disassembled and renamed Adle's Armada by its remaining members and moved their HQ to Eravate where they work to ensure all commanders can fly in relative safety. In 3301 with the death of his father, Tyllerius Adle III was put in place as chairman of Adle's Armada of Eravate and began building back up his elite combat force to provide defense to those who need defending.

With Eravate and surrounding systems safely under the Armada's control, Tyllerius Adle III has sent his son, Mars to create a galactic senate of like minded governments and personalities from across human inhabited space to stop the spread of terrorism and to break up large crime syndicates, not matter if the affected system is Federal, Imperial, Independent or Alliance, Adle's Armada and their coalition of like minded personalities will pledge to stomp out the evil so Commanders of the Pilot's Federation can live their lives in safety.


Why should you make it to the final of the Dangerous Games? Why should people help you in the games?

People should support Adle's Armada because they've always been there fighting on their side. We've gotten tons of community support and are very humbled at the help we've received from Commanders!


What would it mean to you and your group if you did make it in to the final of the Dangerous Games?

 Being a powerplay power is something my group has been striving after since powerplay was released last year. Even if we don't make it this time, you can be assured that we will fight for our spot next time! 


If you were to become a Power, what sort of power would you be? 

•The Adle's Armada power will be the third Federal power.

•Adle's Armada believes that all weapons sales which are usually illegal in Federal systems should be legal and fetch a premium in Adle's Armada territory.

•All systems within the Adle's Armada dominion should be switched to High Security to protect traders and innocent members of the Pilot's Federation

•The Adle's Armada power will focus on prosperity and safety of those within its bubble and not necessarily pure expansion for expansion's sake.

•The AA power would like to be a support structure on the bottom of the Elite Dangerous community pyramid. We would like to be the power that the community goes to for a fun, engaging, player built experience.

•The protection of traders, miners, shippers and movers is an absolute first priority in this power as commerce builds economy and therefor would gain a bounty hunting bonus.

•We are Federation and Independent friendly, but are not enemies of the Empire and Alliance as we have many strong friends from those creeds.

•Our powerplay special item would be the "Interstellar Harpoon" which will create a nav-lock on wanted enemy ships when they high wake -or- a specially engineered power distributor that grants an extra pip (pending extreme balancing). 


Who would you support if you were going to support someone else in the games?

We haven't actually decided who we would support in the finals if anyone. If we do not make it, we will decide as a group if we want to continue in the games supporting another group or heading back home and continuing the mission until our next chance to become a power.