Community Spotlight: AEDC


Where does your group come from originally? What is the genesis of your group?

In December of 3300, several independent pilots banded together to focus efforts on aiding the Alliance in gaining influence in civilized space and to seek more human interaction. We all choose the Alliance because it, to us, truly represents the ideal where people are free to determine how they wish to live, but still work together for mutual defense. At the time, the Alliance was not as well-known and we decided to do something about it, the hard way, fighting against all odds for the promotion of better values. Working together, defeating those that tried to stop us, and singularly focused on our goal, we have managed to succeed in greatly expanding Alliance factions from Lave to Lahasim to Alioth. During this time we have been playing, testing and verifying everything we could with the BGS. This has allowed us to find things that no one had noticed before. For example, we had observed the displacement mechanic in our space long before it was common knowledge.  Even using that mechanic to target specific systems for our expansions.  To this date, we believe we are the only group to successfully plan and execute an expansion to a specific system.


What is your group all about? What are your fundamental goals?

Our main focus is supporting Alliance factions in the Milky Way galaxy by promoting them to ruling status of systems and acquiring assets like stations and surface establishments. Our members have been instrumental in welcoming hundreds of systems into the Alliance through this process.  We support them through all of the available methods, missions, bounty hunting, civil and system wars, selling exploration data, trade and even mining.


Do you have a narrative around your group? Is it part of the in-game lore?

 AEDC is a political organization that began its formation in late 3300 and was fully formed by 3301. With the goal of supporting the Alliance of Independent Systems through diplomatic initiatives, AEDC started operations around the systems of 78 Ursae Majoris, Tiethay, Enki and others. Facing dire obstacles along the road AEDC quickly expanded with the help of numerous Alliance sympathizers. In the spirit of the Alliance tradition for cooperation AEDC developed successful partnership not only with independent pilots but with many influential organizations and individuals as well. Among most noteworthy sponsors of AEDC are notorious business magnate Victoria Wolf, Commodore Helena Stone of the Alliance Navy and famous diplomat with aristocratic heritage Hubertus von Weissenborn.  In fact, each of these partners have been mentioned in local Alliance news articles and, in the case of Victoria and Helena, the main GalNet feed.


Why should you win the Dangerous Games? Why should people help you in the games?

We hope to win the Dangerous Games because the Alliance needs a second Power.  One to balance out the high risks of open trade in this dangerous galaxy.  Brave Pilots willing to fight for and defend the ideals which so many hold so dear will have a home with Victoria Wolf VI.  


What would it mean to you and your group if you did win?

 To be named as a Power would be the culmination of really all of our efforts from before PowerPlay began until now.  From Victoria Wolf VI taking over Wolf 406 Transport & Co, the construction of Diamondback ships at Hamilton Gateway, expanding Victoria’s company and other Alliance factions all over civilized space, to more recent efforts such as keeping Lavian Brandy supplied to well-off Commanders, all have pointed toward making our mark on the Elite universe.  The greatest honor, though, would come in having a new Power to help further spread Alliance protection against oppression.


If you were to become  a Power, what sort of power would you be? Talk through all the benefits, bonuses and everything else…

We hope to become a second Alliance power. One which would compliment Prime Minister Mahon by providing combat support and action.  The bonuses would preferably be a mix of combat and market complimenting ones in order to demonstrate Victoria’s will to not only expand the Alliance, but also defend its systems from jealous aggressors. For example, rating bonuses would provide higher yields for bounty hunting, but system bonuses would provide boons to their economy instead.  Additionally, Victoria Wolf will ban both types of slavery in all systems under her supervision, in accordance with Alliance standards.

In terms of modules, our initial ideas include a collector limpet controller that can synthesize limpets from fuel, mines that siphon heat from your ship and give it to the enemy, heat-reducing cannons/multicannons, HUD disrupting limpets, or even a specialized module to support silent running.

We’d like to remind players, however, that since the final outcome is in collaboration with Frontier Developments, we can not provide any absolutes other than our intents and vision.


If there’s anything else you want to tell the community about, now’s the time to do it… Anything?

Many have never heard of us until the onset of the Dangerous Games.  We have always been there, working, expanding, fighting to secure Alliance values across civilized space.  The Alliance truly represents the future for any independent system as it is only a matter of time before the likes of the Federation come knocking to “improve” that independence.  Our aim is to be the sword and shield that stands between independence and authoritarianism.

We hope to remind Pilots that the Alliance is here, it is real, it needs your support.  Some in this competition are striving for emulating that which already exists.  Falsely believing they can do it “better.”  Join us, for we aim to ascend!