Elite Dangerous Arena is Completely Free This Weekend

Greetings Commanders,

Elite Dangerous Arena will be completely free on Steam and the Frontier Store this weekend. If you purchase a copy of Arena between now and 6PM BST on Monday July 11 you won’t be charged a thing, and you’ll retain access to the game even after the deal ends.

This 100%-off deal will bring a whole new host of Commanders to the CQC Arena, so make sure you jump in now to show them the ropes and take advantage of the unique benefits that reaching prestige rank in Arena can bring to your main game account.

When you reach CQC Rank 50 you’ll be given the option to 'Prestige'. You will set your rank back to one and lose all your unlocks, but in return you’ll be able to earn more credits for use in the main game, and get a permit to the Attilius Orbital starport in CD-4311917 where you’ll get exclusive discounts on many modules and ships. You can prestige up to level 9 and at that point you’ll be receiving the maximum amount of credits you can take in to the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

With Arena being completely free until 6PM BST on Monday July 11, now’s the perfect time to recruit new wingmates to join you in the CQC Arena.



Disclaimer: Arena is the PVP mode already in Elite Dangerous so all players who own Elite Dangerous or Elite Dangerous: Horizons will already have access to it. Simply select Arena from the in-game main menu to play.