Community Spotlight: SEPP

SEPP are one of the six player groups entering the Dangerous Games, and they are catering to the exploration crowd.

Kancro couldn't be here for a statement but Dr. Kaii, one of the organisers of Distant Worlds, made this statement in support of SEPP:

SEPP is backed by the Distant Worlds administration 100%, as they have shown themselves to be the only group utterly commited to explorers and exploration as a whole. Other groups have made bold claims about how they care about explorers and how Distant Worlds is on their side but that is as false as a razzledazzle hollow car salesman pitch. I believe people are discerning enough to see through the lies and anybody who went on Distant Worlds or followed it knows that Kancro Vantas was the heart of the community and was there from beginning to end. 

Erimus and I, and explorers everywhere, support SEPP and we know from everything that happened on Distant Worlds that the explorer community can rise to the top of anything they set their hearts to - including beating any of the big names in the competition. We encourage explorers therefore to come and give it their all for SEPP in the games, we need you all, as having a neutral, friendly, explorer-based power would be good for us all, providing benefits to explorers everywhere.

Support for anyone else but SEPP is supporting the continuation of petty squabbling over a pixels worth of the map, whereas SEPP see the new horizons beyond the bubble as being the future of mankind.  Where is the logic of fighting over already claimed systems in a tiny fraction of the galaxy, when we have infinity on our borders for the taking?"