Community Spotlight: EG Pilots

The Wildcard phase of the Dangerous Games is now underway... to help you decide who to help get in to the Dangerous Games finals, and be in for the chance to become a power in Elite Dangerous, we're running a series of community spotlights all about the Wildcard groups. 

Note - the winner of the Dangerous Games would work with our developers to encorporate their Power into the game... the lists supplied below in this interview are just the wishes of the group, and not what the final benefits they would have if they were to make it through the Dangerous Games.


Community Spotlight: EG Pilots

Where does your group come from originally? What is the genesis of your group?

EG Pilots community is based on one of the oldest runet internet-resources dedicated to space games – During Kickstarter campaign we have gathered money to name a station and a planet in the game. Frontier Developments have placed them into Euryale system. Later on, as the game was released, we've decided to support one of the factions, with the idea to separate our system from Federation and make it independent – home for pilots from our forum. When it become possible to create our own faction we created EG Union, the faction we are supporting since.

What is your group all about? What are your fundamental goals?

Our slogan is: “Freedom Among the Stars”. We are standing for the idea, that everyone can do things they likes most of all and all of those things are beneficial for our faction. Our prime goal is domination in inhabited Galaxy, closest target – to become one of the in-game Powers.

Do you have a narrative around your group? Is it part of the in-game lore?

We have a history of our progress since the first days until present time. We call it – “Euryale Chronicles”. This history is inscribed in game lore and we continue filling it. You can get yourself familiar with it on our web-site For now there is only Russian version, but we are working on the translation and soon you will be able to read it on English!

Our Leader – Yuri Grom

He was born in Euryale system on the board of EG Main HQ. Former Commander of the Euryale Defence Forces, he managed to get to the top ranks of his faction in several years and then he has united EG Pilots and Euryale population in their fight for independence of Euryale. With that move he has boosted Euryale system to the next evolution stage.

Why should you make it to the final of the Dangerous Games? Why should people help you in the games?

We should make it to the finals because we have already proved our ability to entertain and organise players by successfully wining Wildcard voting in the first CG. Besides, players are surely interested in our policy of freedom of choice, not everyone likes to be commanded to do particular things and we are never demand it from our pilots.

What would it mean to you and your group if you did make it in to the final of the Dangerous Games?

First of all, it would mean, that we got support from great amount of players and that we are bearing certain responsibility for not letting their work go in vain. If we will make it to the finals, we will be 100% targeted on the Victory.

If you were to become  a Power, what sort of power would you be?

As our fraction we will be an independent Power. We are planning to unite independent nations of the Galaxy and to oppose Federation and Empire, as well as Alliance.

Benefits of our faction will be bonuses for every main activities in Elite Dangerous: trading, selling of exploration data, and bounty/combat vouchers, because significance of each of this activities is our basic principle.

Of course, this bonuses will be smaller than those of the other Powers, who specialise particularly on one of these activities.

In Power Play we are planning to use a “Counterintelligence” (combat missions) for controlling our systems, “The Underground support” (weapons delivery) for preparation and “Armed Coup” (combat missions) for an expansion.

Our Power Special weapons is still at discuss state, but there is a variant of  salvo rocket launcher "Tempest" and Ship “Module-Busters” limpets.

Who would you support if you were going to support someone else in the games?

For now, we are thinking only about the results of our preformance, but in any case the choice will be left for our pilots. We are not planning to order them to support any particular faction if we will loose the competition.

If there’s anything else you want to tell the community about, now’s the time to do it… Anything?

We will be glad to see any pilot among our ranks if he is willing to join us and help in our ambitious plans. His mastery level and experience doesn't matter. We will find interesting and usefull job for everybody. We will help and teach and will fully open all the depth of this wonderful game Elite Dangerous for everyone. “Freedom Among the Stars!”